Sons new stadium site application about to kick off, says campaigner Rose HarvieThe site of the proposed Dumbarton Football Club stadium on Renton Road, Dumbarton.

Sir, As the date approaches for a decision on the planning application for the re-location of Dumbarton Football Club, and the 200 private houses needed to fund it on the same site, it is apparent that increasing numbers of people are submitting both comments of approval, and objections, to West Dunbartonshire Council’s Planning Department.

There is no doubt that this proposal has divided the local community more than most planning applications. On one side there is the Board, the owners, and the  sponsors of Dumbarton Football Club, together with the loyal Sons fans, all desperate to keep the club alive and economically successful (although dare I suggest, perhaps not for exactly the same motives…..)

On the other side are those of us who would like this quiet and beautiful part of our district to remain as it is; those of us who walk, run or cycle along the cycle track from Dumbarton to the Vale or Balloch, with our children, our parents, and our friends, and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the River Leven valley, and the unspoilt views of the surrounding countryside.

To those  many Sons and Daughters of the Rock who are old enough to remember  helping to fight and win the battle to save Dumbarton Common; to all  those of you who fought again 3 years ago to save Posties Park, we urge you to think hard about this proposal.  Many of us think that this is the wrong development, in the wrong place, for the wrong reasons.

Everyone has the right to submit on-line comments on this application. To do so, go to West Dunbartonshire Council’s website, follow the links to Planning Applications, reference no: DC17/140, where you can see the application and associated documents, including all  comments and objections. Or you can write a letter to the Council.

Yours etc.

Rose Harvie

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