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Gloves are off as Renton parents prepare to fight for their school

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February 8, 2018 – The fight is on to save St Martin’s Primary School in Renton from closure by West Dunbartonshire Council’s SNP administration.

Following a packed meeting in the church hall on Wednesday night, it was agreed to launch a petition against the proposed shut down.

The meeting was boycotted by SNP councillors, including the council leader, Councillor Jonathan McColl.

Community activist Drew MacEoghainn said: “The people of Renton, parents, guardians, the children themselves and all those interested in children’s education want the SNP to instruct officers that they will oppose any proposal being brought forward by the education department to close St Martins primary school.”

Around 90 angry villagers turned up at the meeting. They were deeply disappointed when they saw the “no show” response from officials and councillors.

Drew MacEoghainn said: “The meeting went very well. Everyone got behind the two proposals from the Parents Council to either build a new campus for St Martin’s and an extended nursery or a dual campus of the two primaries, a language unit and nursery.”

Former council leader, Labour’s Martin Rooney reckons there is plenty of money available for this in the council’s budget.

A total of around £31m is sitting there and Renton is the only area being considered for a school buildings project in the next five years.

Drew MacEoghainn said: “There is a strong argument to be made for the majority of this funding to be used on these developments to replace what we currently have in Renton.

“We agreed that Renton should look at having two educational centres of excellence and that we should now attend councillors’ surgeries, e-mail them and request that the SNP instruct officers that they will vote down any proposal to close St Martins.”


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