New road markings for crazy roundabout at Lomondgate

Lomondgate road opening

Jackie Baillie MSP and the Lomondgate roundabout celebrations when when it was under construction. Picture by Bill Heaney

February 14, 2018 – Motorists on the A82 have been crying out for changes to the Lomondgate roundabout in Dumbarton since it was constructed.

They have complained it was too small and badly designed from the outset, but their complaints about crashes and bumps and delays fell on deaf ears.

And they have listened disbelievingly to excuses that the size had to be limited, especially since it was constructed with so much open land around it.

Now local MSP Jackie Baillie has welcomed an overhaul of road layout at Lomondgate to make the busy junction safer.

Scotland TranServ has announced a redesign of Lomondgate Roundabout lane markings to help improve the safety of drivers and traffic flow. As part of this project, the roundabout will also be resurfaced.

In order to reduce the impact on commuters and freight traffic, works will be carried out overnight between 8pm and 6am only. Preparation work will start on Monday 19th February, with the project scheduled for completion on Tuesday 27th February, weather permitting.

Jackie had previously written to Transport Scotland on behalf of a number of constituents who believed that the poor design of the roundabout was making the junction an accident blackspot.

Jackie Baillie said:  “I am pleased that Transport Scotland is taking action to address the concerns I have raised time and time again on behalf of local motorists.

“Most local drivers have become used to the road layout over time but the A82 is one of Scotland’s busiest trunk roads, with thousands of motorists passing through every day. It is increasingly the case that the road design is blamed for delays and accidents.

“The overnight working between 8pm and 6am will hopefully minimise disruption but local drivers will still need to be alert to potential delays on the A82 from Monday.”

One local motorist said: “It’s high time this work was done, but it is obvious to anyone who has to use this roundabout that changing the markings will not be enough.

“The fact that local drivers are becoming used to the shambles there is not enough unless of course they put up a sign saying it is unsafe for anyone who is not local to use it.”

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