Olly the Otter enjoys the snow on the banks of the Leven

Otter on the Leven by James Duncan
Olly the Otter on the River LevenEXCLUSIVE PICTURE by JAMES DUNCAN

February 28, 2018 – This brilliant photograph of an otter enjoying the snow on the banks of the River Leven at Dumbarton was taken today (Tuesday) by James Duncan.

James took the picture from the cycle path past Dalreoch, midway between the A82 Alexandria by-pass road and opposite Dumbarton Golf Club.

The fishing season on Loch Lomond and its tributary rivers is just getting underway and the salmon and sea trout anglers won’t be throwing their hats in the air in delight at the prospect of Olly the Otter and his pals having their share of the catch.

Nor will they be tipping their caps at the seals which are now a common sight on the river as far up as Renton and a bit beyond.

James C. Wingate asked when he saw the picture of Olly: “Is that the wee bugger that’s catching all the fish?”

Jean Campbell thought it was “a cracking picture. I think you surprised him, James.”

And Helen Walworth thought the otter had an anxious look about him.

But river watcher and Leven boatman James Gillespie enlightened the social media audience.

He said: “There have been numerous sightings around the old Allied site at Dumbarton quay.

“A few people have said they saw them (otters) at the bottom end of the river.

“It just makes you so happy to see them returning.”


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