St Martin’s

It’s D for decision day for Renton primary school

The future of St Martin’s PS in Renton will be discussed at a meeting of the education committee in Dumbarton today (Wednesday).

Education convener Karen Conaghan and members of the SNP administration will have the majority of votes in the chamber at Garshake to decide whether the village school should be closed and the pupils transferred to St Mary’s PS in Bank Street, Alexandria.

Or whether a joint campus for St Martin’s and Renton PS should be built in Main Street at the heart of the village.

This morning however, there were clear indications that there could be an eleventh hour change of heart amongst the SNP councillors who may decide at last to listen to the parents and people who have campaigned ceaselessly to keep a Catholic school in their village.

Parents are pleading that St Martin’s should be part of a new build campus and are hoping the SNP administration will take into account the community spirit that has built up over recent years as residents rallied with the support of Community Party councillor Jim Bollan to keep the village going in the face of public facility closures, including the library and the community centre.

RentonOpponents of the school have argued that Renton is nothing special, but parents’ representative Drew MacEoghainn said: “We have our community centre owned, and run by the Community; Tontine Park run by the Community; Autism centre owned and run by the community; Housing Association run by the Community; Spanish civil war memorial erected, owned and looked after by the Community local care company run and owned by the Community; a local extra care facility owned and run by the community, only professional aikido dojo in Scotland owned and run by the community; a local pharmacy built by the local community; a local supermarket, built by the local community, and a doctor’s surgery owned built and leased out by the local community. And then they tell us that Renton’s not any different from anywhere else.”

The Catholic Church in Glasgow is keeping its position close to its chest, but it is thought to be about to support the St Mary’s option.

One local parent said: “If the Church is the people of God then perhaps the councillors should listen to the people and not to Archbishop Tartaglia.”


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