The Democrat is one year old 

The Dumbarton Democrat is one year old this month. We have spent the past 12 months campaigning on serious local issues and investigating stories we thought worth looking into. This was when other local newspapers, scared off by solicitors’ letters, backed off and would not dare to touch them. Our policy, set out in our first issue (see below), is to publish and be damned. We work on the principle that news is something someone somewhere would prefer not to see printed and that all the rest is merely advertising. We don’t take advertising by the way, but we do publish free ads for charities and good causes. Because we operate on a digital platform, we are able to offer a FREE news and feature service to the people of West Dunbartonshire.

Bill for book

Our editor is Bill Heaney, pictured left, a well known journalist and author of a number of recently published books about Dunbartonshire, who has won many awards during a long career in this business. We have succeeded in being boycotted by the SNP and banned by West Dunbartonshire Council, so we must be doing something right. Please support us by signing up to receive a message whenever a new story is published in The Dumbarton Democrat, which is often, since we update the newspaper at least once a day and some days two or three times. Put in your list of website favourites. Send your stories and photographs (we do not, like others, charge for publishing graduations, weddings and other happy events) and we will also publish obituaries. Send them to And if you have something you think we should be covering then drop us a line to that same e mail address.Democrat page 1 2

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