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Results reveal an ‘astonishing fall in attainment,’ claims Dumbarton MSP

MSP Jackie Baillie has highlighted that attainment in level 3, 4 and 5 exams has dropped by a ‘staggering’ 34 per cent across Scotland since the SNP government introduced the new National exams.

Writing in the Herald yesterday, Professor Jim Scott of Dundee University revealed the figures following this year’s exam results on Tuesday.

In 2014 the National exams replaced the well-established Standard Grades, at the same levels on Scotland’s qualifications framework.

“The result has been an astonishing fall in attainment,” Jackie Baillie commented.

In 2013, pupils passed 60,000 Standard Grades at level 3, compared to 16,138 ‘National 3’ passes in 2018.   Overall attainment at standard grade equivalent level was down by 33.8 per cent.

Labour nationally said the analysis was a damning indictment of the SNP government’s implementation of the new curriculum and their general management of education.

The MSP for Dumbarton, Vale of Leven, Helensburgh and Lomond, added:“This drastic fall in attainment since 2013 surely must prove to the SNP government that they need a change in tactics, and fast.

“Their years of cuts to school spending and their lack of thought out reforms are clearly having a negative effect on pupils across Scotland. And this is despite the valiant efforts of our teachers.

“These figures act as a complete contradiction to the SNP’s mantra of education being their ‘top priority’. 

“The government must do more to counteract this mess  – we need more money in our schools, more support for our teachers and the best possible environment for our pupils.”

Neither West Dunbartonshire Council nor the SNP was available for comment or for a local breakdown of the statistics

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