Hits at 1,000 plus

Caricature of Bill by Stevie ConroyThanks a million. Yesterday we reached 1,000 hits plus some more (the indicator went off the chart)  in a single day with The Dumbarton Democrat, which isn’t bad considering we have been boycotted by the SNP and banned by West Dunbartonshire Council. Both of these organisations can’t be happy that they’re missing out on the modern methods of mass communication, which is by digital platforms such as this one. These organisations are so last century, such curmudgeons and so quick to take offence. We have offered to talk to them but they won’t talk to us. Big weans, dummy tits and prams come to mind. Given this censorship, we can only take it that to be put in this position by the SNP and the Council must be considered a journalistic badge of honour. What (more) do they have to hide, I wonder?  If you want the truth in the news first off the wires and written by independent, award winning journalists then you can’t beat The Democrat.

Bill Heaney, Editor

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