Flamingo Land

We don’t need planning permission for this, says Flamingo’s Andy Miller

Old Luss Road, where work has been taking place at all hours.

By Bill Heaney

The Flamingo has landed in Balloch – but it’s all above board and legitimate, according to local man Andy Miller, who represents the leisure park owners.

He claims all the necessary permissions are in place for the work to put in water and electricity services at Old Luss Road in Balloch.

Mr Miller hit back at claims that mystery surrounded the digging operation currently taking place and that people living nearby had no idea who was doing it and why it was being done.

Pamela Scott and Kenny Gibson were so concerned that they contacted the police.

They also got in touch with West Dunbartonshire Council and the Loch Lomond Park Authority.

And Scottish Power’s representative,  who was called in to check after power lines were left exposed by the work,  said his company had no record of any application to carry out the digging.

As the clamour to refuse planning permission for the leisure park grew, Mr Miller sent out an e mail to residents in Old Luss Road and others involved in this very public row.

He said: “Firstly, may I apologise that you have received an email claiming that there has been unauthorised working being carried out by Flamingo Land.

“I had hoped that given that I personally, over the last 2 years, hand delivered information round the neighbouring housing, and had a number of phone calls, meetings and email exchanges with some of the residents with the empasis being on should anyone have any concerns big or small to please get in touch.

“That a simple message to me would have cleared the issue up, so again apologise that my approach hasn’t worked with this particular member of our community (Pamela Scott).

“As I’m sure you can imagine, given we have a current and live planning application, that it would make no sense to do any work that was unauthorised.

“The work carried out was done at the request of Scottish Power with WDC roads department giving the relevant authorisation to cross the road.

“So it was not unauthorised and also nothing more than trying to locate power to run over to a site that is in our ownership.

“The company doing the work was a local company. I met some local people on Monday at the site and it was as tidy with all the relevant signage and health and safety measures in place.”

Residents had taken photographs which indicated that cables were keft exposed and a fence was broken and there was a danger to people using the road, which is part of the John Muir Way.

Mr Miller has denied this. He said: “No planning consent is required for this type of work. “The public were not at risk as far as I can see but happy for a member of the council to pop round.

“The ineos pipeline does not run under Ol Luss Road and is nowhere near the Scottish power cables that we had been asked to locate.

“In terms of environmental impact, most of the digging was across the road with a little off to the side to locate the cables.

“We are confident that there is no environmental risk however and are again happy for a representative from the council to come and visit if need be.

“Again I apologies. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have further questions.”

Mr Miller signed himself off as Andy Miller,  Flamingo Land Resort, Yorkshire.

Meanwhile, residents of the upmarket Drumkinnon Estate have joined the protest against the granting of planning permission to Flamingo Land, and the row rumbles on.

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