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Orange Walk is re-routed at 11th hour

The Orange Walk scheduled to pass St Alphonsus church in London Road on Saturday has been re-routed. Glasgow City Council’s Public Processions Committee ordered that the parade be started two hours earlier and re-routed to avoid passing St Alphonsus, where Canon Tom White Canon TomWhite , pictured, and parishioners were attacked last month.
The Archdiocese and Police Scotland made strong representations to the Council Committee pointing out the anxieties of the community and the danger of disorder. Councillors unanimously voted for the re-routing.
The Archdiocese is grateful to the Council for taking note of its concerns and the concerns of many outwith the Catholic Church, and acting decisively to lift a cloud of anxiety which was affecting parishioners and local residents.

  • The march has now been cancelled. The Orange Order have called it off rather than “re-route the flute”.

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