Recycling emergency measures


Recycling – local SNP members with MP Martin Docherty-Hughes boasting just months ago about the services they provide.

STOP PRESS: Lorries have been placed at the former Greenlight recycling centres at Dalmoak and Old Kilpatrick. Cllr Danny Lennie said today (Saturday) that he had been to the OK site – “and there is a bin lorry there with a couple of men.”

He added: “These guys have cleared an estimated three tonne today. They have done brilliant work in keeping the site clear, respects and thanks to them.

“They will be on site again tomorrow, but please do not take anything down if you do not need to.

“The guys do not know how to work the compressors, so they are limited. Help these men to help our communities.”

Another post from Ian Brown on social media said a similar situation was going on at Dalmoak, but Margo Sharp posted later that there was no sign of any lorries when she went to Renton.

Cllr Lennie said: “The guys are doing a fantastic job. I have e-mailed Jonathan [McColl, leader of the SNP administration] about the compressor issue with a suggestion for an emergency solution. Hopefully he can take my suggestion on board.”

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