Greenlight bust

Labour’s Baillie and Mitchell take aim at SNP over recycling debacle

Jean Anne Mitchell and Jackie Baillie in bid to save Greenlight jobs.

By Bill Heaney

The Labour Party have turned their big local guns on the SNP administration at West Dunbartonshire Council for their mishandling of the Greenlight recycling crisis..

Both Jackie Baillie MSP and Jean Anne Mitchell, the Labour parliamentary candidate lined up to challenge the SNP’s Martin Docherty-Hughes at the next Westminster election, fired the first shots over the weekend.

Jackie Baillie was first to shoot from the lip at the SNP whose council leader, Jonathan McColl, has been under incessant attack since he introduced the budget which included a decision to pull back on grass cutting and ground maintenance services in parks, cemeteries and open spaces.

When the Greenlight administration announcement hit the fan on Friday, the MSP said: “I am deeply disappointed that Greenlight Environmental are now going into full administration. It will be a very troubling time for the employees and their families so it is therefore crucial that all efforts are made to ensure that the employees jobs can be saved.

“I would urge all of the councils who will be affected to work together and bring the jobs in house. This will ensure that the employees have continued employment and that the service can be provided as normal.”

Jean Anne Mitchell, the prospective parliamentary candidate, travelled to Old Kilpatrick to witness the situation at the recycling site there.

She told The Democrat: “This is not a good week for the SNP-led Council.  Catastrophically more than 100 people have lost their jobs and families will struggle in the wake of this shock news.

“It’s time for this service to be brought in-house and we need all Councillors no matter what Party to work together and quickly to firstly restore jobs with an interim plan and give security to a workforce who do a great job.

“I visited Old Kilpatrick around 6pm on Friday evening and already people fed up with all the cuts imposed were dumping outside the Recycling Centre.  I can imagine what it will be like after the weekend.

“We need cross party swift response and solutions put in place before more fly tipping and the rat infestations become the next health risk.

“I’m not interested in scoring points but encouraging all concerned to act swiftly, re-employ redundant staff and install safe recycling across the board.  Recycling and waste management is not a luxury.”

Meanwhile worries amongst residents of West Dunbartonshire are being expressed all over social media.

Fly-tipping and the prospect of rat infestation in and around bins and the care of gardens scheme being scrapped are just some of them.


  1. Jackie & Jean need to have a word with the Labour Cllr’s on WDC who had an opportunity to vote to bring the 109 jobs and services in house at the Council meeting on 29.8.2018, but failed to do so.

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