Picture special

AJ Cronin’s s grand-daughter, Diane, on a visit to Dumbarton on Tuesday. Pictured with Professor Frank Dunn in Dumbarton Library; at various Cronin-connected places around the town, including Willowbrook in Round Riding Road and with her grandfather’s portrait, painted by local artist Stephen Conroy, in Dumbarton Library in Strathleven Place; in the High Street with the site of the old hatter’s shop in the background and Professor Dunn and Dumbarton-born consultant Bernard Ferrie; in the library with Professor Dunn and, Jo Sherrington and Sarah Christie, of the Heritage section, and at Dumbarton Cemetery with Frances Slorach, grand-daughter of Dr Cameron Slorach, on whom the character of Dr Cameron in Dr Finlay’s Casebook  is based. See report in The Democrat.

Pictures by Bill Heaney

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