Building bridges

Given the length of time complex engineering projects take, by the time Boris Johnson’s proposed rail link between Scotland and Northern Ireland is finished, Northern Ireland will have voted itself out of the UK into a reunited Ireland and thus into renewed EU membership.  Scotland may well have done the same.

So the bridge may well end up as an important part of the EU rail system linking two otherwise isolated EU member states.  If the bridge is ever actually built, I wonder which rail gauge will be used as the rail gauges in Scotland and Northern Ireland are different because of decisions taken in the nineteenth century by the British government when the whole of Ireland was under British rule.

Finally, I seem to remember Boris Johnson, as foreign secretary, recently proposed to the current French government the construction of a bridge linking England and France to complement the existing tunnel.  Has this proposal been taken any further or is the continent still isolated?

Kelly Ed article for Irish Voice

Ed Kelly


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