Tenement demolition

Talisman takes a tumble


This picture (right) was taken by David C Ferguson, once of Westcliff, Dumbarton. It’s what’s left – not much – of Talisman Avenue at the Clerkhill end of the scheme.

He wrote: “Talisman Avenue (odd numbers) reduced to a pile of memories. I have great memories of playing here as a youngster with Archie Richmond, Ross Matheson and William A Stewart amongst others”

William A Stewart replied: “[These houses] outlived their usefulness along with Carrick Terrace, David, but [I had] many happy times growing up with yourself and those mentioned.

“We’re still standing, that’s the main thing. They can take away our buildings but they can’t take away our memories. Forever young.”

Talisman Avenue was called after a Clyde steamer as were other Westcliff Streets such as Ashton View and Waverley Terrace.

The picture of Westcliff was taken by Bill Heaney from the deck of the PS Waverley while passing by on a trip Doon the Watter.

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