Lovely Sarah wants her clothes back

Gorgeous Sarah Heaney with and without her clothes.

By Bill Heaney

I met Sarah Heaney once. My beautiful namesake was one of the young women hosting the opening of Loch Lomond Golf Club at Luss.

Sarah was immaculately dressed that day and she presented me with a Hermes silk tie which I still have and continue, after all these years, to wear occasionally.

The tie was a gift, not a loan, and it’s one that brings back happy memories of a gay champagne lunch on a red letter day for Dunbartonshire.

I keep it amongst my souvenirs, and I have never loaned it to anyone.

Generous Sarah has so many clothes in her wardrobe however that she is forever lending them out to pals.

But it seems Sarah’s clothes are like my books. People who borrow them seldom give them back to me.

This is why Sarah has today declared a Clothes Amnesty.

She told Facebook friends: “As many of you know I am always lending my clothes out, but recently I’ve lent items to people and can’t remember who they are.

“To anyone out there who has some of my clothes please return them – I’m missing some favourite items and they haven’t been returned. Armani tuxedo jacket and Agent Provocateur items to name a couple.”

If you have any of Sarah’s precious items then, small or large, please get in touch with her. She is on Facebook and would love to hear from you.

Sarah, who is now married with two children, was previously anchor of Scotland Today for over seven years.

She has presented a multitude of programmes from ITV1’s crime series Manhunt, to Wish You Were Here‘. She has also presented strands from LK Today and This Morning.

Sarah is always game for a laugh, loves a bit of adventure and loves to travel.

She laughed at Loch Lomond Golf Club when I told her my aunt’s name was the same as hers.

“I’ve got an Auntie Sadie,” I told her – “but she bears no resemblance to you.”

She smiled politely. Give that lady her clothes back immediately.

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