King Robert reveals what’s under his kilt … and raises a few eyebrows

By Lucy Ashton

Hollywood star Chris Pine kept up his Scottish accent in the pub after filming a new drama based on the life of Robert the Bruce.

History tells us that Bruce spent much of his life around the old parish of Cardross which stretches from Levengrove to Renton.

The US actor stars in a new Netflix biopic which premiered in Edinburgh on Friday night.

It tells the story of how Bruce led 500 men to defeat the larger and better equipped English army.

Pine told The Graham Norton Show how he continued to use the accent he learned for the role after filming each day.

He said: “I figured I’d get crucified for it but I had a wonderful voice coach and the cast were all Scottish so I figured they would pick me up on things,” he said.

“I am not a method actor, but I would keep up the accent in the pub after filming.”

The actor also said he had no idea why his full-frontal nude scene for his role as Robert the Bruce caused such a fuss, and said the reaction revealed “double standards”.


Florence Pugh and James Cosmo.

Pine said: “I bare the ‘full monty’ and it got a lot of attention… What did strike me most is that (co-star) Florence Pugh bares everything too and no-one commented.

“I am not sure what that means. Either people think they can’t comment or everyone expects women to get naked. Either way, it’s double standards.”

Pine has previously said of the scene: “It was a man coming out of the water taking a bath, it seemed a little odd to wear underwear.”

Meanwhile, Gillian Berry, the Scots producer of Outlaw King, praised the actor’s accent.

She told BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland programme: “Someone showed me a little clip on YouTube the other day and it was a clip of Chris Pine arriving in Glasgow and mimicking a Glasgow taxi driver, as he was being driven through Glasgow, and his accent was absolutely spot on.”

Ms Berry said the weather was kind to the filmmakers with only an hour of rainfall during the 15-week shoot.

She added: “I have never seen Scotland look so good on screen.”

The producer said up to 1,000 people were on screen during the “brutal” battle sequences.

She joked: “We filmed 12 hours and that was hard enough.

“I don’t know how Robert The Bruce managed it for 20 years.”

The Graham Norton Show, also featuring Sir Michael Caine, actress Sally Field, US actor Rami Malek and Christine And The Queens, is available on the iplayer.

Meanwhile, Outlaw King actor James Cosmo has criticised the failure to build a film studio in Scotland.

The 70-year-old, who also starred in the 1995 smash-hit Braveheart, is frustrated that the nation failed to capitalise on the previous success of Mel Gibson’s film.

Over 20 years later there remains no high-end film studio in Scotland despite plans which have been in the works for several years.

Clydebank-born Cosmo, who plays the role of Robert the Bruce’s father in the upcoming movie starring Chris Pine, called on the country to support its film industry.

He told the Sunday Mail: “A successful film showing a great country like ours has huge financial implications. Braveheart brought in hundreds of millions of pounds to this country.

 “That’s why it’s so important to support the Scottish film industry to the fullest. “I’m making His Dark Materials just now – a long-running series for HBO and BBC Worldwide. It’s being filmed in Wales, where they have four studios.

“Four studios? That doesn’t look too good for us. I really hope we get our finger out and build proper studios. It should have been done by now.”

  • Cosmo is the son of James Copeland, who was also an actor. The family lived in Helensburgh and Dumbarton for a time when Copeland was a member of the Dumbarton People’s Theatre (DPT). Cosmo and his sister, Lorna, went to Knoxland Primary School and the family home was in Bruce Street. Copeland was in the DPT at the same time as the mother of Arthur Jones, the distinguished librarian/author, who served the town in that capacity for many years.  Arthur tells me that his mother and James Copeland were stepping out together – until Mr Jones came along. Small world. My Cosmo story is that I met him and other members of the cast when they were making Braveheart in Ireland. We were in the Guinea Pig, a very nice restaurant in Dalkey, near Dublin. Everything went well until the end of the evening when the waiter got our bills mixed up. Cosmo’s drinks bill was considerably larger than mine. Thankfully, I spotted it almost immediately and rescued myself from penury.

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