Labour and SNP politicians join fight for pensions justice for women

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Campaigning together – Jackie Baillie MSP and Martin Docherty-Hughes MP with Christina Marno, SNP councillors Karen Conaghan and Diane Docherty, Elizabeth McQuade and other campaigners.

Women born after 1950 are being urged to become involved in West Dunbartonshire’s WASPI group following a joint meeting involving the new group co-ordinator, Jackie Baillie MSP and Martin Docherty-Hughes MP.

Following a packed meeting attended by over 400 women in Dumbarton in March, the areas MP and MSP brought together a group of women who were interested in being involved in a local WASPI group.

Vale woman, Christina Marno, has taken on the role of Waspi group co-ordinator.

The WASPI campaign is fighting for justice for all women, born in the 1950s, affected by changes to the State Pension Age. Changes have been made by the Conservative UK Government to equalise the age at which men and women receive their pension but this has meant that some women will be worse off and have been left with no time to plan for their futures.

The campaign is now taking positive steps forward with the UK Parliamentary Ombudsman announcing this week that 6 complaints will be taken forward as test cases highlighting the difficulties faced by women whose state pension age has been changed at short notice. The Ombudsman is allowing time for the Department for Work and Pensions to gather evidence that sufficient notice was given to women about the changes.

Women who are interested in joining the West Dunbartonshire WASPI group should contact Christina at

Jackie Baillie said: ““I am delighted that local women are willing to take the WASPI campaign forward, to raise awareness and gather more support locally.

“WASPI women have been badly affected by the DWP’s State Pension Changes, they have been given little or no notice and no time to plan for their future.

“The news that the Parliamentary Ombudsman will be taking forward six test cases is a positive step forward. I hope that this will demonstrate the detrimental impact that these changes have had on women up and down the country and hopefully make this Tory Government see sense.”

Martin Dochety-Hughes said: ““As a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on State Pension Inequality, I was pleased to join WASPI campaigners at Westminster this week as we continue to fight for justice for 1950s-born women.

“It was great to be a part of last night’s meeting in West Dunbartonshire as we step up efforts to support the thousands of women in our communities being robbed of their state pensions by the Tory UK government.

“Over 6,300 women in West Dunbartonshire are affected by the unfair increase in state pension age and I’d urge anyone interested in the campaign to get in touch with their local WASPI group.”

Christina Marno said: “I am grateful for the input and support by Jackie Baillie MSP and Martin Docherty-Hughes MP to the WASPI Group and look forward to getting voluntary support via CAB and some help with setting up tables at rallies and so on.

“This group is run by the women in West Dunbartonshire who have been adversely affected by the changes by the new pension age.  It is important that women within this area get their Maladministration letters sent to the DWP as soon as possible, and all relevant information and support can be found by joining the group on our FaceBook page at:

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