Demand for food banks is soaring

A report in today’s (Glasgow) Herald states: STARVING families are raiding skips under the cover of darkness because they are too ashamed to seek help from food banks, charities have said.

It came as they warned the situation across Scotland is rapidly becoming “unsustainable” amid ongoing benefit changes.

One desperate child in Glasgow was caught eating tomato sauce at school, while volunteers say hungry, undernourished youngsters are tearing open food parcels as soon as they are handed over in a frantic bid to get something to eat.

In Crookston, a divorced father-of-two was found to have survived on nothing but water for four days, charity bosses said.

Laura Ferguson of the Trussell Trust – which has 53 food banks across Scotland – said demand had soared by up to 80 per cent at some of its centres.

She blamed the rollout of Universal Credit welfare reforms, which merge six working-age benefits into one payment.

The full story is on the Herald website.


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