Letter to the Editor


As a concerned Balloch resident, my honest belief is the B&HCC, at this time, are not reflecting the majority opinion in Balloch regarding the Flamingo Land proposal.

Instead we now have a situation where we have a Community Council, seemingly following their own agenda, without due consideration given to the opinions of Balloch locals.

Your piece on Mr Sid Perrie’s experience on attempting to present a motion of no confidence in B&HCC through calling an extraordinary meeting was well presented and an accurate reflection on what happened.

I should know, I was a member of the general public and witnessed the events and I have also requested WDC for a copy of B&HCC’s own constitution.

To date I have a photocopy of their own constitution, but WDC are unable to confirm that it was ratified by WDC officials!

This brings me to my main point. I have sent you a screenshot of a councillor, David Keown, currently sitting on B&HCC, posting a link advertising Flamingo Land.

This was removed 20 minutes later after I questioned if it was inappropriate for a community councillor to be endorsing and advertising a link for FL, on a supposedly community website, administered by himself.

Personally speaking, with such a contentious issue as FL dividing opinions of Balloch residents, I regard this [CC] post as crass and insensitive in the extreme.

I also believe that the rules governing the behaviour of community councillors may have been breached.

I have raised my concerns with Mr Jim Biddulph at B&HCC, who does not regard it as subject worthy of his attention.

West Dunbartonshire Council have also been given the screenshot, and I requested that they investigate the incident.

At time of writing, I have had no reply, except to say they would look into the matter and consult colleagues.

When attending previous CC meetings in the past, I have witnessed one other councillor making an inappropriate comment while they were debating a particular issue.

I reported this issue to WDC, who then sent a senior official to B&HCC to witness a statement of retraction being read out to all in attendance. 

Best Regards, from a concerned Balloch resident. 

Gerry Edwardson.

Flaming Land plan

 The pink area is the site of the proposed Flamingoland development in Balloch.


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