Who will go out tonight?

Well, who will go out of Strictly Come Dancing tonight? I know there are people everywhere glued to their television sets waiting for this BBC spectacular to appear on television from the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool. And there are also people everywhere who affect absolutely no interest in this at all. These are the ones who sneak away later and consult their BBC i player to see who has won before settling down to something more cerebral, as they see it. John Le Carre and The Little Drummer Girl, perhaps?   Well, Ashley and Pasha, tripped the light fantastic to a remarkable four tens from the judges last Sunday night. Joe and Karen, pictured with presenter Tess Daly, came second on 38 points. But so too did Faye, pictured far right bottom row, and her partner, Giovanni. I may have two left feet and know zilch about dancing, but I believe Faye will be the winner.  Let’s hope the judges, Darcy and Shirley and Craig and Bruno agree.

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