Graeme may have been dressed as a sailor, but he and Oti were made to walk the plank in Strictly Come Dancing tonight. Ashley and Pasha surprisingly came close to saying goodbye, but lived to twirl another day. My own favourites for the coveted title are Faye and Giovanni, although Stacey and Kevin are right up there at the top along with them. Lauren and AJ looked the most likely to go out, tonight,  but their soft shoe shuffle impressed the judges enough to take them back to the dressing rooms. It’s Musicals Night next week and Kevin is looking forward to his take on that one about the French Revolution, Les Miserables. Hopefully he and Stacey won’t be at the cutting edge of the guillotine at the end. Judge Craig is lined up to be executioner though. It could all out turn messy in the end though, darling, n’est pas? Bill Heaney.

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