Burial fees waived for under 18s

Cemetery 1

Dumbarton Cemetery where burial charges have been waived for under 18s.

By Liz Healey

West Dunbartonshire Council has removed all burial and cremation charges for under 18s.  As part of the change, families will no longer have to pay to purchase a lair when the person who has died is under the age of 18.  Previously, the Council waived burial and cremation charges for under 16s.

The move follows a Scottish Government consultation and a decision by Councillors at the Infrastructure, Regeneration and Economic Development committee.  The change will come into force immediately.

Councillor Iain McLaren, Convener of the committee, said: “We are committed to supporting residents, and this change will help us to do so during some of their most difficult times.  Extending the waived fees from under 16s to under 18s will bring us in line with national policy, while helping people on a local level.”

Councillor Marie McNair, Vice Convener of the committee, said: “This policy will help to minimise the large sudden costs faced by families dealing with the devastating impact of losing a child.  The changes are small but will make a big difference to families in their time of need.”

Previously, the Council did not charge for any resident child under 16s cremation or burial, but families did pay for the plot.  The new policy also means that families of non-residents under the age of 18 will not face any charge if they wish them to be buried or cremated in West Dunbartonshire.

The Scottish Government has agreed to provide additional funds to local authorities to help cover costs of implementing this agreement.

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