Drop the two-child cap and include rape victims in family tax credits

By Lizzie Healey

Dumbarton and Lomond MSP Jackie Baillie has called on the Scottish Government to use the powers of the Scottish Parliament over social security to mitigate against the two child cap in Scotland.

Labour have taken their campaign against the cap to both Westminster and Holyrood in a bid to end the cap across the UK.

Baillie Jackie MSP fishingThe Tories’ two-child cap limits access to tax credits to two children, while the rape clause demands a woman prove that her third child is a product of rape in order to claim tax credits. In Scotland, the cap affects nearly 4,000 families. In 2018/19 families with three children will lose up to £2,780 each year per child who does not qualify.

Jackie Baillie, pictured left, said:  “The Tories’ two-child cap is an attack on those families who are most in need. And women who are victims of rape are being asked to re-live this traumatic event in order to get the support that they deserve.

“The SNP have new powers over social security which they could use to end the abhorrent two-child cap on tax credits. This could help almost 4,000 families across Scotland.

“They have used their powers to mitigate the bedroom tax and they should use their powers once again to help the poorest families.”

Meanwhile, Ms Baillie, has praised Women’s Aid, the Police and West Dunbartonshire Council for their joint working to reduce instances of domestic abuse across West Dunbartonshire.

Last year, it was revealed that West Dunbartonshire had the highest instances of domestic abuse per 10,000 people of any local authority in the country, but due to the efforts of local organisations, the area has seen a reduction in this type of crime.

She said: “It is clear that the steps taken by Women’s Aid, West Dunbartonshire Council, the Police, and other partners, to reduce instances of domestic abuse have had a positive impact and our area no longer has the highest instances of domestic abuse in Scotland.

“However, even one instance of domestic abuse is one too many and we need to continue to put steps in place to ensure that we can eliminate domestic abuse as quickly as possible.

“The Scottish Government and local authorities must continue to work together to ensure that substantial change happens.”

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