Letter to the Editor

Levengrove playground 2

The new children’s playground at Levengrove Park, Dumbarton.

In the last three weeks (and tonight) every Friday and Saturday, groups of older teenagers are congregating in the new Levengrove children’s play park, shouting, arguing, drinking, (last week repeated banging noises like the play park was being damaged prompted me to phone the police). Tonight we were out for a night cycle with the kids (well lit up) and a male came over to us drunk shouting and asking if we were the police. He then left when I said ‘no’. We abandoned our cycle. I am worried that they could be wrecking out stunning play park – which someone has already tried to burn one of the ships. I phoned the police last week about this and received no feedback from them. Is this something the new park ranger needs to take up ? Any other ideas. PS: They were even there during the storm last week!

Concerned resident

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