Compensate our rail commuters now, MSP Baillie tells ScotFail

Jackie Baillie MSP and Scotrail boss Alex Hynes.

By Bill Heaney

Dumbarton and Lomond MSP Jackie Baillie has called on ScotRail to compensate passengers from Dumbarton, Alexandria and Helensburgh for the significant disruption to services.

ScotRail – now nicknamed ScotFail – has, this week, introduced extra compensation for season ticket holders who have been affected by the extensive delays and cancellations on selected routes as an apology for the poor service.

However, the company has not extended the compensation scheme to passengers travelling from Dumbarton, Balloch and Helensburgh, despite these routes being amongst the poorest performing in the country.

Despite extensive cancellations and lengthy delays affecting the lines in the area since October, passengers from West Dunbartonshire and Helensburgh have been left out of the compensation scheme.

This comes as a triple blow for passengers as the cancellations and delays continue and ScotRail introduced fare rises on 2 January at an average of 3.1%.

On Monday,  the MSP, who has raised the matter with rail boss Alex Hynes, was out taking the views of passengers at Helensburgh Central and Balloch about the unfair ticket price rises.

As many commuters were hit by the rises on their first working day of the year, yet more cancellations were experienced as a rush hour train to Balloch was terminated at Dalmuir.

Jackie Baillie said:“It simply isn’t good enough that passengers from our community are not being compensated for the delays and cancellations that they have been experiencing for the last three months. Commuters from Helensburgh, Balloch and Dumbarton deserve an apology too for all the problems they have had to put up with for the last three months.

“And it is all the more insulting that ScotRail has once again increased ticket prices across the country. 3.1% is a significant increase for a service that is just getting worse. Hard press commuters deserve a much better service.

“The Scottish Government should implement a fares freeze until the service improves and ensure that all passengers are properly compensated for the problems they have been subject to.”



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