Delayed discharge of patients costs NHS Glasgow and Clyde £63 million

Jackie Baillie, Shona Robison and Jeane Freeman.

By Lucy Ashton

New figures have revealed that delayed discharge, which occurs when a patient who has been declared clinically ready to leave is then stuck in hospital, has cost the NHS more than £500 million since Nicola Sturgeon became First Minister.

More than 275,000 patients in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde have also been delayed in this period. This has cost NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde more than £63 million.

The previous Health Secretary Shona Robison pledged to abolish the practice, but has failed to do so and her successor has made no such commitment.

nhs logoJackie Baillie said:“It has now been over four years since Nicola Sturgeon became First Minister and patients across our NHS are still being unnecessarily delayed. This is putting unacceptable pressure on our hospitals and NHS staff.

“This SNP Government has failed time and time again to put enough investment into social care and that is a political choice. It has now cost NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde more than £63 million as a result of delayed discharges and the delays have not been good for patients.

“The Health Secretary should end the mismanagement of our NHS, invest properly in all aspects of our health service and stop delayed discharge.”

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