Campaign for University memorial scholarship for John Maclean

Fund-raiser Alan Smart in busking mode.

By Alan Smart

Despite being one of the University of Glasgow’s most significant graduates, MA Honours in Economics, 1905,  over 100 years on, there is not a single memorial to – in my view – the greatest ever Glaswegian at the city’s largest and most prestigious university.

This has to change, and this new appeal, to be supervised by, is to establish an initial fund to look at all the possibilities there are to establish something permanent and meaningful to the Maclean legacy.

And all in good time for the 100th anniversary of his untimely death at the age of 43 in 1923.

What we have in mind is a scholarship fund which helps the very poorest, and from any part of the world, come to study at John Maclean’s alma mater.

What we believe Scotland’s fighting dominie would have wanted most – but we are not closed to other, indeed more than one possibility.

The idea of a permanent academic chair or professorship of Social Justice has been raised, and by the Scots-Canadian son of a fellow Glasgow University student of the same era, who marched alongside Maclean in the immediate post WW1 era. This, or a variant of it, is another possibly. And there will be others.

This initial fundraiser is to raise the resources to allow an initial but comprehensive study of what might be possible and what might be required to turn each option into a pre St Andrews Day 2023 reality.

At the start of Red Clydeside Week, culminating in our johnmaclean100 Red Clydesiders singalong this Thursday, 31st January, the 100th anniversary of The Battle of George Square, let’s get this fundraiser moving, with immediate actions on the Glasgow University initiative to follow.

Help us meet, even beat, the target by Black Friday.

We already have had a £50 donation from a 65-year-old Muscular Dystrophy sufferer. Can you match just a fifth of that? Because if we all did, we would be there already.

Go on, do it. It is pay day weekend for many of us. And we will make your tenner go a long way. Some sort of John Maclean scholarship or memorial to him at Glasgow University will happen. That’s a promise. But your donations will help to see it sooner rather than later.

Go for it. For John Maclean and the Red Clydesiders

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