Parents’ anger at decision NOT to vaccinate nursery children at St Mary’s

st mary's school in alexandria

 St Mary’s PS in Bank Street, Alexandria, where nursery children will not be vaccinated against Hepatitis A infection. 

By Lizzie Healey

Concerned parents of pupils at infection-hit St Mary’s Primary School in Alexandria have complained to their MSP that nursery school children and staff there are NOT to be vaccinated “because they are classed as low risk”.

Now Jackie Baillie has contacted the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Jeane Freeman; NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde and West Dunbartonshire Council to raise the concerns of her constituents regarding the diagnosis of the pupil at St Mary’s with Hepatitis A.

The Dumbarton and Lomond MSP said: “Constituents are worried due to the lack of vaccinations being offered to those attending the nursery school which is attached to St Mary’s, despite nursery pupils having older siblings in the primary school and the nursery and primary pupils sharing corridors and eating spaces.

Health Secretary Jeane Freeman and Jackie Baillie MSP.

“One constituent has fears over her own health and that of her family as she has a child with a heart murmur in the nursery, a two-year-old at home and is pregnant herself. Vaccinating all those who have potentially come in contact with the illness is seen as an effective way of stopping the spread of the infection.”

The MSP added: ““I am concerned to learn that children at the nursery school adjoining St Mary’s are not being offered vaccinations against Hepatitis A despite many of these children having older siblings at the school and sharing the same spaces.

“It seems the safest and most sensible option is to vaccinate all those who could potentially have come into contact with the infection in order to stop it spreading further.

“I have raised these concerns with Jeane Freeman in the Scottish Government, the health board and with the Head of Education for West Dunbartonshire Council. I ask them to do the right thing and allow for all nursery pupils and staff to be vaccinated along with the primary school pupils to keep this unfortunate incident as an isolated case.”

The Democrat has asked West Dunbartonshire Council for a comment but they have refused to respond.

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