ScotFail’s customers left out in the cold as others are compensated for debacle

By Bill Heaney

You’re not on! That’s the message from heartless ScotFail to commuters from Dumbarton, Vale of Leven and Helensburgh.

Constituency MSP, Jackie Baillie, has released a letter from David Simpson, Operations Director at the ScotRail Alliance, which states that the company will not introduce a compensation scheme for passengers in Dumbarton, Balloch and Helensburgh despite introducing such a scheme for passengers in other areas.

The MSP had written to the Managing Director of the ScotRail Alliance to ask for a compensation scheme to be introduced for passengers on the Balloch and Helensburgh lines in addition to their Delay Repay scheme. Passengers from the area have been subject to months of regular delays, cancellations and short-formed trains.

Additional compensation was announced for those lines affected by cancellations and delays due to the training of drivers.

The company has refused to introduce an additional compensation scheme for our area stating that passengers can continue to claim through the Delay Repay scheme. The scheme only compensates passengers who are travelling on a late running train which is delayed by more than 30 minutes.

The MSP said: “It is disappointing that ScotRail is refusing to recognise the stress and inconvenience which has been caused by delays and cancellations on their network.

“Passengers in my constituency have suffered months of cancellations, delays, short formed and overcrowded trains, yet are not being given the same compensation opportunities as some passengers on other routes.

“ScotRail say that their punctuality is improving, but this has not been the experience of passengers travelling from Dumbarton, Balloch and Helensburgh. I am contacted daily about the problems on the line and I continue to raise these issues at the most senior level, but the problems continue.

“It is time that the Scottish Government stepped in and removed the contract from Abellio and in the meantime introduce a fares freeze for long-suffering passengers.”

Here’s the letter:  You’re not on Scotfail letter

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