Dear Editor,

Closely linked to the current fraud and corruption scandal on West Dunbartonshire Council is the level of delegation of decision-making away from Councillors to senior officers.

Away from proper scrutiny, the conditions are created behind closed doors to allow this kind of activity to fester and grow, unchecked.

Almost every rule in the Council’s procurement policy and procedures were systematically breached as were the Employees Code of Conduct and the Council’s Financial Regulations in the current scandal to rock WDC.

A sample of 27 jobs showed 20 were given without a contract or a detailed specification being provided or sufficient quotes for the work sought.

The employee’s code of conduct states “Honesty – Employees have a duty to declare any private interest which might affect their work within the Council”.

The officers had a close personal relationship with a key supplier as well as socialising with the company owner. Nothing has been declared by the officers, which is a breach of the code of conduct.

A can of worms has now been opened up with this scandal and I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Councillor Jim Bollan

West Dunbartonshire Council

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