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Anyone missing the owner of this pair of  wellies?

Local motorists are forever complaining these days about potholes in the roads.

Not just the country roads, but particularly in places like the A82 at Dumbuck traffic lights and on the Erskine Bridge itself.

These potholes are so deep in some places that cash-strapped West Dunbartonshire Council should consider going halfers with the Loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association and selling the fishing rights.

We might then all get a break from the fierce austerity strategy being pursued by the SNP administration.

My barber/boxer pal Paddy Quinn in lovely Dungloe in Donegal sent me this photograph.  Paddy’s only a wee fella, so it can’t be a tall story. 

He says it’s a week now since his local roads department sent a man out to inspect the potholes in their roads.  And that the man has not been seen since.

Any information you may have on this matter, you are strongly advised to keep it to yourself.

Either that or pass it on to Donald Trump at the White House for his Fake News tweets as this is the nearest to the truth he is ever likely to come.

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Here’s another amazing photograph from Jim Duncan of Loch Lomond Photography.

Jim was out in the woods taking some fabulous pictures of birds and wildlife when he came across this piece of what’s known as “horse’s hoof fungus” attached to the bark of a tree.

Amazing stuff. Has anyone ever before seen or heard of this remarkable freak of nature?

Picture by Jim Duncan, of Loch Lomond Photography



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