Balloch Road and Dalvait Road, Balloch – Temporary Traffic Management Order




What a terrible shower of incompetents West Dunbartonshire Council are. I nearly wrote “our council” there, but of course it is not. It is their council – or they appear to believe that it is – and they have shown this by closing these roads just days after they were asked not to. This is a gross act of disrespect, that given one word from us, the electorate, who faithfully pay our council taxes, that the Council will do as they wish. Who are the public anyway, they appear to be asking while thumbing their noses at us?  The public told them who they were on Friday, and how they were losing their income and possibly their whole businesses. But the SNP administration turned a deaf ear to their plea, even though their leader, Councillor McColl, is the local councillor for the Lomond Ward and should be helping not hindering his constituents to overcome difficulties such as this one.  The Council should give the business folk a break from the ongoing shambles they are attempting to pass off as roadworks. Is it really beyond the Council’s capabilities to keep these roads open to make these adjustments? Or are they just being bloody minded as the business people appear to believe?

coat of arms of WDC

Anyway, this is the Council’s message for what it’s worth:

To help facilitate roadworks on and adjacent to Balloch Road and Dalvait Road, Balloch, the following roads will be closed between Sunday 31 March and Sunday 30 June.

  • Balloch Road, Balloch, on any sections indicated by signs between its junction Old Luss Road Roundabout and Carrochan Road.
  • Dalvait Road, Balloch, on any sections indicated by signs between its junction Lomond Road and Balloch Road.

Restrictions will only be implemented when required and where indicated by signs rather than the full extent and times of this order. Further information, including diversion routes, is available at http://bit.ly/BallochDalvaitRd.

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