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       SPCA receives a pat on the head from a member staff at Milton in Dumbarton.

By Lizzie Healey

Dumbarton and Lomond constituency MSP, Jackie Baillie, has praised the Scottish SPCA for the work that they have delivered in 2018.

In total, the charity rescued and have rehomed 575 animals in West Dunbartonshire, and reunited 93 animals with their owners.

In addition to attending incidents and rehoming animals, the SSPCA focus heavily on education. In 2018, 5,906 children took part in their free education programme, and their teams visited 27 primary schools across West Dunbartonshire.

Jackie supports the charity all year round and visits the rehoming centre in Milton every year to talk with the team and meet some of the animals being looked after in the area.

Jackie Baillie said: ““The Scottish SPCA have been helping animals in need for 180 years and their work is invaluable.

“I know that their dedicated teams of staff and volunteers work incredibly hard to help as many animals as possible every single day.

“Demand for the service continues to grow year on year and the teams are attending to more and more incidents.

“Their education programme is so beneficial for young people right across the country and I am grateful that they continue to expand this programme and build on their, already, successful work.

“I will continue to support the team at Milton and the whole charity this year, and look forward to seeing their programmes expand.”

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