It’s Round Riding Rodeo as escaped pony brings traffic to a halter

pony 1

Shetland pony being rescued at last by its owner. Picture by Rosie Woods

By Bill Heaney

It was a harmless but lovable wee soul and no one seems to know where it came from or where it has gone for the Easter Weekend.

The piebald Sheltie escaped out into Round Riding Road on Sunday and brought some excitement to the quiet, residential street, which for once fitted the Triple R nickname which was given to it by Dumbarton taxi drivers.

The Police and Fire Brigade were called in to help recapture the pony and there was traffic disruption until it was finally caught by a woman, who appears to have been the Sheltie’s owner.

It would be exaggerating matters to describe this episode as like something out of the Wild West, but there was no sign of anyone resembling John Wayne, Roy Rodgers, Allan Ladd  or Audie Murphy around.

Some new families have moved into Round Riding Road in recent times, but this is the first indication that they brought their own special transport with them.

We’ll have to wait until the schools go back after the holiday to see if we can spot any pupils going back to school on Shanks’s Pony.




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