Police Scotland is amongst the worst funded in the UK, claims MSP

Scotland’s hard-pressed police service in action here  is being under-funded by the SNP government at Holyrood. Picture by Bill Heaney and Police Scotland

By Bill Heaney

Labour MSP, Jackie Baillie, has called for increased funding for Police Scotland, which includes West Dunbartonshire.

An analysis from Scottish Labour has revealed that, of the 42 forces in the United Kingdom, Police Scotland is fifth from the bottom for capital investment.

Figures provided by the House of Commons library reveal that Police Scotland receives £1,526 of capital investment per employee, compared to £10,857 for the Metropolitan police.

This is despite it being the second largest force in the UK behind the London Metropolitan Police.

Police stations are closing and have been closed here in our biggest town and villages.

The station at Hall Street in Alexandria is being turned into a housing development and the L Division headquarters at Crosslet in Dumbarton is being utilised doing less and less.

Detectives are operating out of Clydebank and custodies – people being lifted by police officers out on the beat – are being taken as far away to Greenock police office to be incarcerated there before court appearances.

If Police Scotland had received the UK average for funding it would get £77million – more than double the £34.1 million of capital investment it got in the last financial year (2018/19).

Baillkie Jackie 101Jackie Baillie, MSP for Dumbarton and Lomond,  left, said:These figures show this SNP Government is giving Police Scotland a raw deal on funding and leaving them lagging behind similarly sized forces across the UK.

“You can’t keep people safe on the cheap, but when it comes to investing in our police force, the SNP Government’s promise to protect budgets is simply shallow spin.

“Police staff in ‘L’ Division and across Scotland are no doubt feeling the strain. They need the equipment and resources to do their jobs properly, and crucial investment to fight new generations of crime.

“This SNP Government must ensure that our police are properly resourced so that the public are safe.”

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