Well, there’s hope for me yet. This was the day the boss at Cameron House Hotel on Loch Lomondside phoned me up and asked if I could help him to keep a large posse of press and media folk in order during a visit by Clint Eastwood, the Hollywood lodestar of so many movies, some of them Oscar winners. I noticed yesterday that Clint was 89, so that Loch Lomond air must be good for you. He loved Scotland and Loch Lomondside in particular, where he played golf at Rossdhu House in Luss, seat of the Clan Colquhoun and Loch Lomond Golf Club. I interviewed him while sitting on the wall outside the entrance to Cameron House, overlooking the loch. I thought he was joking when he told me he was looking forward to a career in local government when his filming days were over. Not that there was any money in it, but he said he could make A Few Dollars More. Clint did in fact become the Mayor of Carmel, a small town in California, and made a good job of it. Well done then Clint. Keep going ! Bill Heaney

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