Time for a new ERA in planning: give communities the same appeal rights as developers

Communities faced off against Developers in a rigged game of football outside the Scottish Parliament.


Save Loch Lomond’s big meeting takes place in the White Church at Balloch tomorrow (Monday) evening at 7pm.

Come along to what promises to be an exciting and informative discussion on the Flaming Land proposals. All welcome.

We are living in exceptional times, our climate and biodiversity are at critical levels, yet planning decisions are often taken that have a harmful effects on communities and our environment.

We need a better planning system that offers protection for our planet, and empowers people to adequately challenge poor decisions.

A new law is going through Parliament to reform the planning system, but so far the Government is putting developers’ profits before communities’ needs and environmental protection.

As a crucial vote approaches, we need to convince MSPs to support demands for a community right to appeal certain planning decisions, when they go against agreed plans.

An equal right of appeal is one of the most powerful mechanisms we could have for making more environmentally sound planning decisions for communities and for future generations.

Write to your MSPs now to ask them to support equal rights of appeal for communities.

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  1. Agree 100% with local objectors having the same rights as developers, who have a right of appeal. It is discrimination that developers can appeal against a decision that goes against them but local people can’t. This is an unsustainable position and needs to be addressed as the Planning Bill goes through the Scottish Parliament.

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