ATC 1.jpg 2This photograph of Dumbarton Air Training Corps stirred a few memories on Facebook. Wilma Wood spotted her husband, Bonhill man, David, back row, sixth from the left. She also spotted his colleague, Sid Morrison from Bonhill, second in front row, right, and his father, sixth from the left in the front row. Christopher McLaren was in the ATC in the 70s and remembers CO John Currie well. Carol McCreadie said: “Oh, wow I would love this photo as my Dad is in it. He is in the dark suit on the left of the three in the middle, Duncan MacLachlan. This was two years before I was born and year before he was married.” That’s Peter Weir, the police photographer, right in the middle. Peter’s father was the School attendance office. Joe Robinson remembers Warrant Officer Donald Gordon and Jean Campbell says her young brother Tommy was pals with Andy McGoldrick and Duncan MacLachlan. He was in the RAF when this picture [sent in by Hugh Sweeney] was taken, a boy entrant at 17 years, he loved this company.” Donald John Chisholm Early for me. I was 1968. CO John Currie, WO Donald Gordon, Peter Walsh, Michael Mulkern, Nicky and Noggy Connolly, Jim Mooney, Jamesie Connel, Lenny Lorek, Norrie Muldoon and Gerry Tvedt. Donald John Chisholm said: “The highlight for me was having control and flying an RAF Chipmonk over the Forth bridges. I was going to go under them …but the pilot wouldn’t let me.”  Nick Connelly said: “I made a big mistake and took aerobatics. I had my head in a sick bag the whole flight and managed to spray the cockpit with Scotch pie and Irn Bru.”  Happy days indeed. Who do you remember in this photograph?

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  1. Good Evening, and a Guid New Year tae ye a’.

    I stumbled across this page by pure coincidence whilst looking for Jim Mooney, from Dumbarton, a friend of my brother Gordon, who has been adrift from family and friends for some years. I am hoping that someone may be able to connect me to Jim,(presuming that he is the same Jim Mooney in your picture).
    The Jim Mooney I met several times had worked in Connel’s shipyard with Gordon, both having served a Shipyard Trades apprenticeship, Jim specialising in burning, as he had a particular skill in that craft.

    I would be grateful if you could assist me get in touch with Jim,my email is in box below

    I was delighted to see that by complete coincidence, a photo of my friend since my apprenticeship was in the picture.
    Big Peter Walsh. who followed me into the Merchant Navy( but liked it much more than I, as he stayed in it until retirement, becoming a Chief Engineer).
    I met Peter last year when he flew from Australia back hame, and was ambushed by family and friends at a surprise 70th birthday party.
    You may also be interested to know that two of Pete’s friends I met a couple of times had went on to become pilots in the RAF,Jim (O’Neill?) was a Lightning pilot ( could there be any aircraft more exciting to fly?) and the other friend was Bill (second name forgotten, sorry) who had earned his wings, but was off flying for some reason, again, reason forgotten due to the passage of time.
    Regardless of whether or not you can put me in contact with Gordon’s chum, I wish you and your Squadron, if still extant, all the best for 2021 and for many years to come.

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