Letter to the Editor

Joyce White, Ronald Dinnie, Raymond Walsh and Jim Bollan.

Dear Editor,

If you look closely at the major changes introduced to the WDC senior management team by Mrs White the CEO none of which were approved by the Council, Committee or Sub Committee of WDC, it puts the CEO in an almost “presidential” position gathering more power and control to the centre and becoming less inclusive.

It appears the directors Mrs Wilson and Mr Cairns are the two big losers as their responsibility for various Strategic Leads and whole departments have been culled and will now answer directly to the CEO.

Mr Dinnie, who retired recently,  headed up the Environment & Neighbourhood section which no longer appears on the management chart.

It also appears that the Roads section will no longer be directly under the remit of Mr Walsh as this section will be the responsibility of the officer jointly funded by WDC & Inverclyde Council under the shared services scheme which has never been agreed in any detail by the Council.

Major changes sneaked out in the summer recess are always a worry only time will tell if they will be successful, my own view is they will not and at least one of the main players will be toast in the not too distant future.


Cllr Jim Bollan, Community Party.

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