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Angus MacFadyen as Robert the Bruce in the new film coming soon to Helensburgh.

By Bill Heaney

The new Robert the Bruce film – coming this way soon – has been lambasted by movie critics.

But do these professionals, many of whom are not Scottish, really have any idea how this new film will be received and perceived this side of the Border?

And in a place such as West Dunbartonshire which has so many connections with the king who led the Scots at the Battle of Bannockburn?

Respected, retired librarian and author Arthur Jones, of Dumbarton, had this to say: “We went to see the “Robert the Bruce” film at Clydebank this evening. It is a strange film, surprisingly restrained.

“It will appeal to older children as well as adults, with the two youngest actors almost stealing the show.

“I think what some of the boorish critics don’t get is that it is told almost as a myth-making surreal fairy tale, when they are probably expecting a “Braveheart” style blockbuster.

“It is certainly punctuated by a few very violent incidents – hardly surprising.

Tower 7.jpg“The people are ready before the downhearted Bruce is; the fearties, the turncoats, the bounty hunters and those who would just give themselves over to English rule are all there, certainly; but Bannockburn is near, lighting up the other side of the horizon, beckoning, as it were, as the credits roll…..sort of Indyref2-ish….”

Liz Campbell said: “I saw it last week and really liked it.”

Pat Crawford commented: “It had its strengths, and its weaknesses (accent variations could be disconcerting at times).

“Certainly the honest look at the vagaries, greed and selfishness of some human beings was refreshing (think Gove, Mundell, Fox, Brown, Rifkind and Darling).”

But before we get into the politics of it all, why don’t readers go along and see the film for themselves?

It’s coming soon to the Tower digital arts centre in Sinclair Street, Helensburgh.

The Tower programme of films and events can be accessed through The Democrat, but here is the time and date for July 14:

KURSK poster.jpg 2SUNDAY 14 JULY 2019




Kursk is a film about the final mission of a Russian submarine which failed to surface during a top secret mission. A must see for all submariners at the Clyde Naval Base and for everyone interested in matters of defence and diplomacy.

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