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Helensburgh Baths on a busy summer’s day by the seaside. Picture Jed Harvey

By Lizzie Healey

Those were the days, my friend. We thought they would never end. We would swim and dive forever and a day …

This brilliant photograph from the excellent Helensburgh Memories website recalled the sunny days we used to have in July pre Climate Change.

It certainly stirred a few thoughts, such as these from the Helensburgh Memories site:

Valerie McCallum recalled: “We all look the same with those awful swimming caps, but so many happy memories from there.”
Jane Sanders said: “Tragedy that the pool was lost to the town. Hope the pier doesn’t go the same way.”
Joe Bromwich said: “Supermarket chain wanted to build a shopping mall, and update the pier but local council and church didn’t want the ‘tone lowered’.”
Maureen Kimmitt commented:  “Oh happy days!”

Alison Lambe said: “That’s where we spent the summer. One of these people could be me.”

Phemie Dundas said: “Looks good. Pity it wasn’t kept.”
Ronnie Stewart said: “It was criminal that this wonderful feature of the town was allowed to be lost forever thanks to the ignorance of Helensburgh Council.
“Now we can see the pier is going the same way as the piers at Craigendoran piers.”
Catherine Ainsworth said: “Can still smell the pool ……Chlorine…and there was a musky smell…We would play at the pool for hours….”

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