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I wasn’t really paying attention when KD Lang broke through with her Ingenue album in 1992. I do remember the Madonna quote “Elvis is Alive. And she’s beautiful”. But I was busy making plans. I came to her music,and her voice, more recently when exploring the outer edges of Nashville “contemporary country” music and new jazzy bluegrass. An interest piqued by many of the Celtic Connections concerts in Glasgow over the years and nurtured by a few musically led forays to the Appalachians and the Deep South. I loved her Watershed album in 2008, and enjoyed the recent collaboration with Nico Case and Laura Viers (Case Lang Viers 2016). Tonight, seeing her live for the first time, I was completely blown away by her style, her wit, her emotional honesty and the power of that incredible voice. Barefooted, black suited, white collared and high quiffed she is the most charismatic performer I’ve seen on stage for a long time. Backed by a world class band she crooned her jazz tinged soul out to an adoring audience and finished with an incredible homage to fellow Canadians Joni Mitchell (Help Me), Neil Young (Helpless) and Leonard Cohen (Hallelujah). If you get a chance (London and Dublin still to come) go see this. Don’t miss the comeback of the ingenue.

MT Rainey

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