Cllr David McBride and traffic disruption in West Dunbartonshire.

By Democrat reporter

The public are totally fed up with traffic disruption and road closures in Dumbarton.

Councillor David McBride has told West Dunbartonshire Council that there has been significant road works locally in the last few months.

But he has failed to go for the jugular while criticising the way the Council has handled the shambles.

He will tell the Council: “Of course we recognise the maintenance is absolutely necessary and often an emergency by utilities.

“However, in recent months the local community has endured significant delays and inconvenience.”

Cllr McBride has moved that Chief Executive [Joyce White] should provide a report of road works in the last six months.

And review if any lessons can be learned for future projects that could be introduced before and during major roadworks.

The report should review preparation of the road closures, consultation with local residents and businesses to attempt to minimise disruption and mitigate this where possible, he says.

Cllr McBride added: “In future, it should be mandatory that road closures discussions are held with bus companies to ensure some form of service is retained.

“For example, Silverton residents’ service was severely disturbed following the Glasgow Road gas replacement pipes. Clearly, this will have had a huge impact in many residents’ day to day lives.

“In addition, diversion signage installed by contractors have proved confusing and inadequate.

“WDC roads staff should always be on site prior to the immediate work starting. Officers should have the authority to postpone work if the signage or parking restrictions required have not been introduced by the contractors as agreed.

“In addition, the level of road works may be unsustainable in terms of sufficient staffing for our officers. This should therefore also be taken into consideration when planning and while authority for road closures is agreed.”

Cllr McBride will be asking that the report be compiled with urgency and for its findings and recommendations to be submitted to next suitable council meeting.

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