Scotch Whisky – the ‘angel’s share’ causes black fungus to cling to nearby houses.

By Democrat reporter

Dumbarton and Lomond MSP Jackie Baillie has welcomed the news that a case against Diageo regarding whisky black has been allowed to proceed to the next stage at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

This test case has been brought by a couple from Bonnybridge who claim that the ‘angel’s share’ of evaporated alcohol from a whisky bond has blighted their property. The couple have secured a ruling allowing them to proceed to the next stage of their case against Diageo.

The MSP has said that this is good news for many residents in Dumbarton and the Vale of Leven who have long been concerned that whisky black from the many local whisky production and storage facilities is having an effect on their homes.

Jackie has been pursuing the matter for a number of years with local residents, meeting with Chivas and the Scotch Whisky Association and has previously organised a meeting with the lawyer who is pursuing the case for the couple in Bonnybridge.

The MSP said: “This is good news for people in Dumbarton East and parts of the Vale of Leven. This sets the bar for whisky companies and proves that they must take the concerns of neighbours seriously.

“I am delighted that the judge has allowed the case to go to an evidential hearing and I hope that whisky companies will now pay attention.

“I remain in contact with the lawyer pursuing this case and will continue to monitor proceedings in the hope that this can set a precedent for future cases to be brought forward.

“It’s time that whisky companies took responsibility for the effect that whisky black can have on the homes of their neighbours.”

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  1. If the bonded warehouses were there first( before the homes) , it’s difficult to understand just how homeowners can successfully claim against the Whisky companies – when it’s such a well known worldwide phenomenon!

    The residents may be better to claim against the local council for granting the h ousing planning permission, or even the house builder who proposed building next door to these warehouses .

    Someone needs to have done some due diligence on the building of homes next to existing bonded warehouses.

    IF the warehouses were later built beside , existing homes, that is a different matter.

    (I wish them good luck , as I too have family who have bought homes built near similar warehouses . )

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