job start ad

What a waste of time and taxpayers’ money has been the SNP government’s £3 million corona virus advertising campaign in Scotland’s weekly newspapers. This week I noticed one local newspaper had two full pages on a slogan more appropriate to a football team: #We ARE SCOTLAND. Well, we all know already that we are living in Scotland. How could we not? And that we are part of this ongoing maelstrom of maladministration at government and council level. I notice too this week in the same newspaper that West Dunbartonshire Council estimate the cost of dealing with corona virus locally has been £12 million. That’s tosh. Pish and tosh even. Can anyone come up with any suggestions as to what this community could have better spent £3 million on than these stupid adverts? They’re simply not worth it. Far better that the money be spent on ads such as the one above which was designed to draw attention to the fact that these payments are available to job seeking young people. And that they are kept to a reasonable size and a reasonable cost to the taxpayer. Here at The Democrat, we don’t charge for for such ads and we have a bigger audience than many local newspapers. Better still that money should  be used to eradicate the need for food and clothing banks, which are Scotland’s shame of the 21st century. The SNP government’s Doctor Who approach to politics has taken us back to the Hungry ‘Thirties and living ‘on the parish’ and they expect us to be stupid enough to applaud them for it. Did we come up the Clyde on a banana boat? Surely not. Editor

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