Nicola Sturgeon may have done an excellent job today communicating just how serious the Covid-19 virus is – and just how seriously we all have to take it.

Despite the fact that in the past, her record for clarity hasn’t won any gold stars for her political jotter.

But today, from her podium in Edinburgh, the First Minister was in top form when she talked about schools and how they were handling the Corona virus crisis.

Top of the form even. She leaves Boris Johnston, Arlene Foster and the Welsh First Minister thrashing around in her wake.

But then we came back to reality when we looked at social media and found out, not that we were surprised, that West Dunbartonshire Council were letting Nicola down – again.

I am not going to go on about democracy here, but we all know that it is a word that dare not speak its name in Dumbarton Burgh Hall or the Council Chambers in Hall Street, Clydebank.

Let’s just say the natives are restless – and that the deliberate holding of information is predictably at the heart of it.

Listen to this post on social media from Dumbarton man Chris Docherty:


I’ve been in correspondence with both my daughters school (St Michaels) and also Public Health Scotland today regarding what action you can take if your child is sent home from school with one of the 3 Covid symptoms. At the moment, and through NO fault of the schools, as they are only following West Dunbartonshire Council’s policy, you are being led to believe that you MUST have your child tested with a negative result returned, before you can send them back to school. This is NOT true. You have another option and that is to isolate your child for TEN days not 14 and then return your child to school. This is Public Health Scotland’s mandate and they are in charge…. not the local authority. The reason why West Dunbartonshire Council are trying to withhold this information is beyond me and I am still waiting on them to return my calls.

I am only giving this information as a result of seeing multiple posts today and yesterday with parents worried sick and being sent all over the country as test centres have filled to capacity. Some parents were even told to go to Belfast!!

Of course it may well be that the majority of parents would rather test than isolate, and that’s their choice, but not all parents want to put their kids through a test for a variety of reasons.

So to put it simply……at this moment….you 100 percent DO have a CHOICE. You can either go down the test route or you can isolate your child for TEN days and then return them to school without needing a negative test certificate or indeed any medical confirmation.

Hope this helps some of you out in these worrying times. Take care guys.”


Since West Dunbartonshire Council not their SNP masters are still in the huff because we told one of them (quietly) to “bugger off” when they were trying to throw me out of a meeting in the Burgh Hall (Belarus, where are ye?” we can’t get their reaction to this.

But we have yours. And although most of them hit the mark, this was the bullseye from Andy McCallion:

WDC – West Dunbartonshire Council – the abbreviation stands for We Don’t Care.

The rest of the conversation went like this:

Cyan Gfny said: “ I think that’s why so many people are choosing tests because it’s shorter than 10 days and if you need to isolate then you can’t go to work you know. My reason is that I work in care sector and every week I get tested anyway, but I don’t get paid for being off work so I’m in a catch 22 situation.”

She added: “However some folk are worried sick and running about like blue arsed flies to all parts of the country trying to get their kids tested…. when they can maybe use the isolate option. West Dunbartonshire Council are deliberately withholding that information.”

Chris Docherty said this was “totally disgraceful” of WDC and was supported by James Connolly, who told him: “Well done Chris you’d need to be Humphrey Bogart’s alter ego, Marlowe,  to find out information with this lot.”

Dz Roberts said: “Same has happened with the wee man. They told his mum aw that shite anaw. They have no right to be deliberately withholding this information pal….it may suit folk better to isolate than test and yet the council are trying to make it look as if they don’t have an option.”

[We are treating the reporting of this as if it were a public meeting, which it would have been last century. However, WDC will dispute this since they are still operating as if they were still in the 20th century. We believe social media gives the public back the voice they were deprived of previously. Editor]

Sarah Louise Connolly said: “It’s also the fact that they are not admitting children to school (or sending them home) for any symptoms outwith the Covid bracket – a runny nose should NOT mean children are forced to either test or isolate and demanding that they do so is ridiculous!”

Chris Docherty assured Sarah: “ Not sure about other school but I took that up with St Michael’s and they assure me they are not SENDING kids home unless they have any of the three Covid symptoms. They did say if kids are showing other signs of being unwell they are contacting parents and ASKING them to keep them home. No sure what to believe anymore to be honest. If children are unwell they shouldn’t be at school anyway, I’ve no issue with that. “

Cyan Gfny said: “I didn’t think that Michael’s was sending kids as my faith was in a full week with a blocked nose and runny nose but that was it and they kept her in.

“I am not sure if they have sent any kids home with any of the 3 Covid symptoms…. but certainly they don’t seem to be sending kids home who have other issues such as a runny nose and so on.”

Andy McCallion summed up the feelings of most of the parents: “WDC stands for We Don’t Care.”

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