Minister Joe Fitzpatrick who warned MSPs about fake valium threat.

By Bill Heaney

Fake Valium has become a major concern in communities across Scotland.  The Minister for Public Health, Sport and Well-being,  Joe Fitzpatrick, warned MSPs at Holyrood this week:

“We are hearing, anecdotally, increasing concerns about it from across Scotland. It is one of the areas in which I hope that we and our United Kingdom Government colleagues can work together.”

Mr Fitzpatrick added: “Right now, a person can go online—I will not name particular websites—and buy, for a relatively small amount of money, a pill press that can churn out those lethal pills by the thousands.

“I cannot understand the justification for such devices. I hope that the Scottish, UK, Welsh and Northern Irish Governments can work together to regulate sale of pill presses, which are potentially responsible for producing a large amount of the really dangerous street Valium and other pills that are circulating in Scotland and elsewhere in the UK.”

He said: “The task force and I were both acutely aware of the risks that the pandemic and changes in how services are delivered, that were made as a result of lockdown measures, could pose to people who are reliant upon treatment and support.

“The task force has continued to meet regularly throughout the pandemic, and has taken forward a range of work to mitigate the risks. That work has included the rapid development of a series of recommendations, which have been implemented by the Scottish Government and others.”

Bill Bowman MSP said: “Fake Valium and drugs from so-called pill presses have, anecdotally, had a crippling effect on health in Dundee, where etizolam-related deaths rocketed by 500 per cent in 2018.

“The drugs death toll for 2019 will not, I understand, be known until December at the earliest, and experts fear the worst. “

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  1. Although the authorities are not admitting it there has over the last year been a spate of deaths in West Dunbartonshire.

    Keeping the lid on it, staying silent may be something the council and the councillors do as part of the way they operate, but a lot of people understand the holocaust that is stalking our community.

    Good on the Minister for both flagging it up and for taking action. Be great if our local finest hiding in Rosy Bunker Land would take note.

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