Nuclear deal may fund Scottish army, reports the Sunday Times

In the event of an indyref2 ‘yes’ vote, the UK could keep Trident on the Clyde, giving the SNP revenue for a new defence force

Nuclear subs

The SNP’s CND group is set to call for the removal of the Trident missile system and Vanguard-class subs

By Democrat reporter

Allowing the UK to retain nuclear submarines in Scotland after independence could bring in enough revenue to pay for a planned Scottish Defence Force (SDF), according to the leader of the SNP’s CND group.

The nationalists have a policy to remove nuclear weapons from Scottish soil quickly in the event that the country secedes from the UK, and the party’s CND group will call at the next SNP conference for the removal of the Trident missile system and Vanguard-class subs within three years of a “yes” vote.

O'Hara Brendan 2Faslane and Coulport, where the submarines are based, were both gerrymandered out of West Dunbartonshire into Argyll and Bute after it was declared a nuclear free zone.

However, the Royal Navy base now finds itself in an SNP parliamentary constituency, held at the moment by Brendan O’Hara MP, pictured left, and, so far as the Scottish Parliament in concerned, a Labour MSP, Jackie Baillie, whose Holyrood remit runs from Arrochar to Bowling.

Brendan O’Hara’s party is anti-nuclear weapons while Labour in Scotland is uncommitted and campaigns to keep the Base open because of the number of jobs it provides in the community, which is believed to be about 10,000, including the spin-off.

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament have had a “peace camp” at the south gate of Her Majesty’s Naval Base Clyde for more than 50 years to protest against nuclear weapons.

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