Are you fed up reading about what the so-called experts, scientists and politicians have to say about Covid 19?

Some people can go on and on about it without making us much the wiser about how to deal with it.

They don’t have any answers. Not even Nicola Sturgeon has any answers and, if you were to believe the First Minister, the SNP has the answer for everything.

However, Nicola can’t give us answers to two exceptionally important questions which are:

How close are we now to having a vaccine?

Is the Scottish government ready to deal with a second spike if it comes along before Christmas?

Being discerning adults, readers of The Democrat will be very sceptical about statements from Ms Sturgeon on any of these questions.

She assured the nation back in March that everything was in place to deal with Covid-19.

And it wasn’t until we were hit with the PPE scandal and the care home deaths shocker – none of which was delivered by Ms Sturgeon in her daily briefing – that we knew she was being economical with the truth.

That she was a cheer leader for the old political tricks of misinformation and obfuscation.

The English media have come to love her though.

And when you compare her performance with the buffoon Boris Johnston who can blame them?

The TV reporters and Newsnight pundits think Nicola is smashing. She speaks well.

Her problem is that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Nobody knows.

The information she gathers from the scientists and medics spin doctors is flawed.

She is cute, however, in that she has diverted the spotlight away from the deaths and destruction of life as we knew it to a competition between Scotland and England.

Who imposes lockdown first? Who lifts lockdown first? Who will impose quarantines first? That sort of thing.

This is being delivered on her behalf to the gullible public by members of the Stab in the Dark School of Journalism who have failed to investigate this pandemic properly.

There are not enough reporters asking tough questions. Newspapers are going slowly down the stank. Bosses are tight with the money. People are being made redundant and then asked to work for nothing. People like me, who want to look beyond the spin, are being banned and boycotted by mediocre politicians such as Jonathan McColl.

I suppose I am lucky in that I am just being banned. In Belarus or China or Myanmar, where democracy has gone out the window, I would probably be shot.

McColl JonathanCllr McColl must be proud of himself. In the new, independent Scotland journalists will most probably be banned and replaced with a Ministry of Propaganda. Joseph Goebbels where are ye? 

We know what the SNP group on West Dunbartonshire Council think despite all their efforts to cover it up. Same with their local party, who will be foisting new candidates on us at the elections next May.

Don’t moan about it though. A community gets the politicians it deserves if they don’t bother to get off their backsides and go out and vote.

So, how is West Dunbartonshire feeling at present about the fact that we have been thrust back into lockdown because too many of didn’t give a fiddler’s fart about sticking to the FACTS guidelines first time around?

Susan O’Neill summed up her feelings in two words – “Scary stuff”.

Christina Ross Marno said things would improve if people stuck to the guidelines – “Yes, public just not keeping to social distancing rules. People have become really careless. It was working, so why don’t they just stick with it. Infuriating.”

Elle Bellmac said there was more to it than that – “It’s been the same for over 100 years. Relative poverty. I’ve just written an essay on it for university.”

Christina added: “Poverty affects your health and immune system and the virus is more difficult to fight off.”

Wendy Graham said: “People with money can sit and order food shop online, takeaways and so on.  Those who haven’t the same means have to go to supermarkets to get cheaper food, discounted and so on and food banks – that’s just a wee example of why poverty populated areas have been the hardest hit.”

Fiona Robertson said: “Low paid key workers having to go to work since they have no savings to fall back on and some are on zero hour contracts. There has been no suspension of rents [for people laid off during the pandemic]. The fact that some better paid people are able to work from home and keep safe is just another example of how things are.”

Christina Ross Marno said there was only one of four in her family furloughed. – “Three of us have had no choice but to work or receive a minimum sick pay.”

Jonathan Hannah said the lockdown rules being re-imposed seemed “crazy” since a breakdown of the government figures showed there were only 29 cases of Covid-19 in West Dunbartonshire’s population of 89,000.

One of the reasons given for the new lockdown was that people were spending too much time in other people’s houses at “social gatherings” which are in fact parties.

Community councillor Linda Speir said: “From some of the behaviour I’ve seen in our vicinity this doesn’t surprise me. It’s a real shame that we’re all paying the price for this.”

Steven Eastertree Kerr said: “It’s not a coincidence that it’s the areas of high deprivation [this is happening in].”

However, Stevie Anderson asked: “How can we blame the general public when we’re sending weans to schools everyone knows are rammed full. We’re packing folk back onto public transport, into shops and anywhere a till can ker-ching, but they’re to be super-cautious and take lots of care when they’re everywhere else? The public health clear message has been sacrificed and lost for business imperatives. That’s why we’re where we are now.”

William McGeechan said we cant stay cooked up in our houses. Some form of life style has to go on and with that comes risk mate but please don’t be saying that this virus ain’t real and dangerous as my son has got infected with it and probably it seems at his work so rather than this being classed as any virus geared at the working class, it proves to me it can get anyone and anywhere we have to treat it with respect. it wants to kill and we want to stop it.

And why could children still go to school and people to the pubs when house parties were being forbidden?

Stevie Anderson said the easy option is being taken in shutting down home contacts rather than economic contacts – “ Both are likely to drive up infections. One is sanctioned and not the other. Let’s just be clear about the really crucial health and economic decisions being placed upon us.  Economy takes precedence over home life.”

Linda Speir said: “This is a terrible virus and we should all be doing what we can to protect others.”Top of Form

Louise Robertson said: “ I know of a number of ‘gatherings’ folk have been having in work units and so on. It is a big problem. I can’t comment on pubs/ restaurants/cafes as I’ve not been in one since March and have had less desire to do so since restrictions were lifted.”

William McGeechan said pubs appeared to strict with their customers and were following all the rules, but Louise told him: “The thing is though. The spreading was tracked back to house gatherings, not to pubs. When the spreading in Aberdeen was tracked back to a pub, they closed the pubs.”

There you have it then. That’s what the public are saying. One scan of Facebook and all the material you need for a FREE consultation is there. And these produce results you can believe, unlike West Dunbartonshire Council’s or the Scottish government’s for that matter.


    1. Meanwhile another of our local illuminati reveals that in his role as a councillor he has met with Brigadier Generals and Rear Admirals and can reassuringly advise that our military do not just sit about barracks but instead actively participate in global actions around the world.

      Isn’t great to learn of the geo political world discussions that the military chiefs of staff convene with our local council representatives. It certainly shows the deference of our military high command to our great and good elected leadership. And this wasn’t the Great Leader Jon Ha Thon himself but rather one of his second in commands in the Council Cabinet.

      Leaders in world politics, and all here in West Dunbartonshire. Surprised the Bilderberg Group world elite don’t have their annual meeting here, but maybe our elite prefer to attend elsewhere. You know the thing, get out more often, bring light where there is darkness.

      Ah well, off for a stroll along the resplendent Dumbarton Corniche or High Street as it is more locally known. Mediocrity as the previous commentator opined, we don’t know the meaning of the word!

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